What happens to Solana now?


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  • There are over 11.5m active accounts on Solana with 1.7m active fee payers as of October 2022. Peak of 22.4m and 2.7m respectively
  • Open source repos and developer activity have been rising exponentially. There are 20,717 repos and 1,114 programs as of November 2022, a ~7.6x and ~8.3x respectively since August 2021.
  • DAO tooling and adoption have also taken off. There is approximately 15m SOL managed across 1,700 DAOs, a ~43.3x and ~1,700x respectively since August 2021.
  • NFTs have been a breakout use case on Solana, onboarding hundreds of new users to the network. There have been over 21.9m NFTs minted across 7.2m wallets, with primary sales at $1.1b and secondary sales at $2.5b.
  1. QUIC, a protocol built by Google, enables better traffic control for validators over transaction flows
  2. Stake Weighted Quality of Service ensures that any validator with X% of stake will be able to forward at least X% of transaction packets to the leader
  3. Priority Fees allow users to express urgency in their transactions by specifying an additional fee, payable upon execution of the transaction and block inclusion
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Google Cloud

Account Compression


Token 2022

  • Confidential transactions, which enable more privacy for users by masking the amounts that are being transferred, it is important to note that transaction parties still can be seen on-chain
  • Interest bearing/rebasing tokens, that can provide more functionality for applications such as stake pools and lending protocols
  • Memo requirement for transactions, where client-facing applications that deal with consumer payments only accept transactions that specify a memo which can then help with easier categorisation of payment types
  • CPI guard extension, that forces dApp transfers to go through a delegate, which means that users are only assigning a specific amount or type of token that can be used by the program. This will reduce instances of wallet drains when interacting with “sketchy dApps”




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