Move: The Javascript of Web3?

  1. Sui by Mysten Labs
Source: Aptos, Solana Explorer, Etherscan, Sui Node, Aptos Node, Solana Node, ETH Node
  • General purpose languages are more suited for operating systems rather than blockchains. If one were to strip away the operating system calls, file I/O, hardware, network and the concurrency libraries, the libraries that are shared between the smart contract and programming language are minimal. This defeats the purpose of using a general purpose programming language, where the main benefit is to leverage on existing shared libraries from the developer ecosystem.
  • While WASM could support different programming languages in theory, the reality was that programming languages with runtime systems (e.g. Go, Java) were ill-suited for blockchains, given the massive binary files once compiled. This effectively limited the programming languages to C, C++ and Rust, which from a new developer’s perspective, does not differ much from Solidity in terms of learning difficulty. Moreover, the various programming languages may have led to unintended fragmentation in the developer ecosystem.
  • Interoperability is still an issue given that the state processing mechanism of each chain is different, even if they run on the same WASM VM. Since smart contracts on each chain cannot be directly migrated to different chains, they also suffer the problem of a fragmented developer ecosystem.
Source: a16z State of Crypto



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