KEKKAI, a Web3 security company based in Japan, raised $1.5 million at seed round

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4 min readJan 23, 2024


And releases new product “KEKKAI Mobile”

KEKKAI, specializing in Web3 security, is pleased to announce the completion of funding totaling approximately $1.5 million(¥ 230 million) from 14 investors, including the Decima Fund, Bixin Ventures, Sora Ventures, Plug and Play, FlickShot, Mask Network, Stratified Capital, MZ Web3 Fund, Presto Labs, GoPlus Security, Dora Ventures and other funds. Alongside the funding announcement, the company has also released its new mobile browser App, KEKKAI Mobile, equipped with standard Web3 security.

Moving forward, KEKKAI is committed to further advancing its existing product, KEKKAI Plugin and its new product, KEKKAI Mobile. The company is dedicated to realizing its vision of providing a secure Web3 experience for everyone.

Background of Funding and Future Prospects

Web3.0, a decentralized internet leveraging blockchain , is highlighted as a new core industry in Japan and all over the world. However, its security vulnerabilities are conspicuous.

In 2022, cyber fraud and hacking exploiting these vulnerabilities caused damages amounting to approximately $3.8 billion, which poses significant challenges for investors, entrepreneurs, and companies venturing into the Web3 sector.

Under the vision “Make Web3.0 peaceful,” KEKKAI provides services for both individuals and businesses. Currently, KEKKAI boasts a user base of 20,000 global individual Web3 users, serviced by “KEKKAI Plugin” for PCs and the newly released smartphone app “KEKKAI Mobile.” For enterprises, we offer “KEKKAI SDK/API” and our new code audit service, “KEKKAI Audit.” These funds will enhance these services and create employment opportunities for our expanding business.

We will also move to research and develop a ‘security layer’ to create a secure ecosystem that combines the services it is currently developing with the decentralised features of Web3.

The funds will be mainly allocated for:

  • Product development
  • Expanding distribution channels for KEKKAI SDK/API and KEKKAI Audit
  • Strengthening recruitment for marketers, sales, HR, engineers, and Blockchain researchers

Recruitment page:

Web3 Browser App with Standard Security “KEKKAI Mobile”

KEKKAI Mobile is a free browser app for Web3.0 users, offering a unique security experience. The goal is to protect individual users from cryptocurrency hacking and leaks. When you execute transactions or sign, it simulates and analyzes the content in detail and notifies the user of the transaction content and risks.

Download here:

Security in traditional Web3.0 experiences on smartphones often depended on wallet features. In addition, KEKKAI heard from users about the insufficient security on smartphones. Indeed, in many instances, misunderstandings or lack of understanding of transaction content lead to crypto asset leaks.

KEKKAI Mobile also features a new point system. Points can be earned by using KEKKAI for Web3 transactions or recommending KEKKAI to friends. These points can be exchanged for items or used for regularly occurring prizes.

Through KEKKAI Mobile, our goal is to make everyone’s onboarding onto the Web3 world safe and to become a supporting pillar for Japan to regain competitiveness in the global arena.

New Service “KEKKAI Audit”

KEKKAI Audit is a service that reviews applications (Dapps) built on the blockchain and smart contracts for potential hacking risks and vulnerabilities before deployment. It provides a comprehensive report summarizing vulnerability check results and security scores.

For Web3 projects, pre-deployment code audits are crucial. Once deployed on the blockchain, modifying content becomes challenging, and hacking incidents can result in substantial losses.

Utilizing expertise from operating KEKKAI Plugin and KEKKAI Mobile and insights gained from 24/7 on-chain analysis, KEKKAI serves as a Web3 security expert, offering this service to businesses.

Intrusion Testing Integration

Depending on the KEKKAI Audit plan, intrusion testing (penetration testing) can be incorporated. This practical test, based on methods used by malicious attackers, allows White Hat Hackers in the KEKKAI team to perform real-world security verification.

Service Achievements

KEKKAI Plugin, released in December 2022, is a browser extension used by 20,000 users worldwide. The total user assets exceed 8.5 billion yen, and the tool provides risk detection functionality for Web3 wallets, preventing potential user losses.

Download KEKKAI Plugin :

Company Overview

Established in 2023, KEKKAI is a Web3 security company. Currently operating KEKKAI Plugin and KEKKAI Mobile for users, along with providing services such as KEKKAI Audit and packaging features into KEKKAI API & SDK for corporate clients. With members in Japan, China, and Europe, KEKKAI operates globally and is actively recruiting new members.

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