GenesysGo: the crucial infra provider on Solana you don’t know about


The growing importance of a decentralised, censorship resistant RPC Layer

The need for a high throughput, reliable and decentralised storage

AR Cost, FIL Cost, Google Big Table Cost
  • Open sourced; over 179 repositories, 10,000 forks and a community of tens of thousands available to provide support
  • Resilient and adaptable; no singular point of failure that could lead to data loss and can be integrated with smart contracts to protect stored data against malicious intents
  • Performant; cluster is so fast that a finished block can be ingested, stored and served live requests against it before the next block is propagated
  • Scalable; largest cluster ever tested successfully stored 10b unique objects, making it suitable for Solana’s fast blocktimes (146m blocks at time of writing)
  • Efficient mapping algorithm CRUSH; it allows for decentralisation of location for data on an individual byte level

A decentralised cloud computing environment


NFT Holders, Bonus Emissions, Shadow Operator Emissions, Strategic Reserve
  • As of 31 Oct, about 82.5m of a potential 130m tokens from the NFT holders remain in the NFT staking contract. This represents 48.5% of the total supply.
  • The first full vesting for NFT emissions will be done by January 2023..
  • 7m tokens under Strategic Reserves were loaned to Alameda to do market making across Serum and Orca pools. Terms of the loan are 3 years, with an option to purchase tranches of tokens at different prices (undisclosed), all priced significantly above the IDO price of $1.70.
  • A storage fee token for data storage on the Shadow Drive
  • A form of collateral for Shadow Operator Nodes



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