Deep Dive on Cosmos: The Focus on Interoperability

  • Cosmos Software Development Kit (Cosmos SDK): It allows developers to easily build custom, scalable and interoperable blockchain applications on top of Tendermint. IBC is a module in Cosmos SDK, and is a standardized inter-chain communication protocol, which builds a blockchain TCP/IP protocol that makes multi-chain data interoperability possible and helps unlock the interoperability between blockchain platforms.
  • App-Chain: An independent blockchain optimized for a specific application and built using Cosmos SDK.
  • Nomic: Bitcoin — Nomic’s Bitcoin bridge creates an NBTC token that is redeemable for BTC, which can be sent over IBC and used throughout Cosmos.
  • Octopus Network: Polkadot — it has been working hard at developing an IBC module for Substrate’s GRANDPA consensus mechanism. And the Interchain Foundation (ICF) has accepted Substrate IBC Milestone 2 on April 20.
  • Chorus One: Celo — Celo Foundation has awarded a grant to construct a bridge between two ecosystems in November 2020.



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